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Incomparable Quality

My full-color decals are printed with the new 10 color Epson Archival Ink-Set, a professional  photography and fine art inkjet printer normally used to print images for collectors ahd galleries. It can create the most vibrant and longest lasting decals available. Single color decals are die-cut from solid industrial exterior vinyl, not printed, there is no clear vinyl background. The decal peals off of a backing sheet and is applied directly to the camper.

All my decals are made to order!

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A word of caution! Exterior decals are designed to be applied over hard gloss surfaces and may not adhere well over latex house paint.

ABCO Camper Decal
Ace Travel Trailer Decal
Adams Travel Trailer Decal
Aero Flite Emblem Decal
AEROLITE Trailer Decal
Air-Flo camper decal.jpg
Airfloat Travel Trailer Decal
Airfloat 2 Decal
Airlight Travel Trailer Decal
Early Aladdin Travel Trailer Decal
Alaskan Truck Camper Decal
ALFA Decal
Alcoa Travel Trailer Decal
Aljo-Sportsaman Trailer Decal
Aljo Travel Trailer Decal
Aloha Travel Trailer Decal
Apache Trailer Decal
Aristocrat Travel Trailer Decal
Aristocrat Lo-Line
Aristocrat Land-Commander
You're Following an Aristocrat
Arrow Travel Trailer Decal
Arrowhead Travel Trailer Decal
Aspen Camper Decal
ATCO Travel Trailer Decal
Avalair Travel Trailer
Avalon Trailr Decal
Avalon Travel Trailer Decal
Avenger Trailer Decal
Avion trailer decal
Avion 3 Color
Bailey Camper Decal
Barth Travel Trailer Decal
Bee-Line "GirlBee"
Bee Line
Beemer Travel Trailer Decal
Bell Caoch
Lil Bigfoot.
Boles Aero Travel Trailer Decal
Bles-Aero Wings
Bolus Road Chief Trailer Decal
Cadillac Deville Trailer Decal
Camp Mate Travel Trailer
Caveman Script Decal
Caveman Trailer Decal
Fedral Century Travel Trailer
CHIEF Travel Trailer Decal
Centution Travel Trailer Decal
Clipper Trailer Decal
Comet Travel Trailer Decal
Compact Camper Decal
Comet Trailer Decal
Corsair Travel Trailer Decal
Corvette Travel Trailer Decal
Cozy Home Trailer Decal
Cree Travel Trailer Decal
Cree #2
Crown Travel Trailer Decal
Curtis Wright Travel Trailer Decal
Dalton Travel Trailer Decal
Dinette Travel Trailer Decal
De Camp
Del Rey trailer decal
Sportsman Special Del Ray
DUO trailer decal
Easy Travler
El Camino
El Car Travel Trailer Decal
El Dorado Truck Bed Camper
El Dorado
El Jay Travel Trailer
FAN Travel Trailer Decal
FAN Lee Liner
Fedreal Century Travel Trailer Decal
Field and Stream Travel Trailer Decal
Fireball Travel Trailer Decal
Fleetcraft Travel Trailer Decal
Fleetwing Travel Trailer Decal
Flite Travel Trailer Decal
Forester Travel Trailer Decal
Friendship-Vacationaire Decal
Frolic Travel Trailer Decal

The Highest Quality Vintage Camper Decals Anywhere • Over 350 brands both common and well-known to extremely rare.

Vintage Trailer & Camper Decals

Trailer Decals vs Dimensional Emblems

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My decals are printed on the new Epson SureColor P700 released in June 2020, a professional level photo and fine art inkjet printer featuring ten individual ink cartridges now called the "UltraChrome PRO10" system.

The new Epson UltraChrome HD PRO10 ink palette, consists of the following colors: cyan, light cyan, vivid magenta, vivid light magenta, yellow, gray, light gray, violet, photo black, and matte black.  

Traditional decals are printed using the four color process, Magenta, yellow, cyan, and black. The traditional CMYK ink-set is limited in what colors it can generate compared to the number of colors that the human eye can see and that today's computer monitors can display. Each additional ink color Epson added to the original four color process increases the printer’s range of possible colors. The addition of violet alone, for example, increased the color range by 6 percent. That may not sound like much, but remember, we’re talking 10 colors.

"Archival Rated Inks"

Pigment inks are designed to be stable over long periods of time. There are no inks available anywhere that can withstand direct sunlight indefinitely but the Epson Sure Color inks far surpass the traditional CMYK processionals normally used and have excellent durability because the pigments are coated with resin and are fixed on specialty media.

"Independent Archival Analysis"

Brighter More Vivid Colors

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