Decal- Wet Application

1. Lay the decal flat on a clean surface, "backing side" up! If it doesn't lay completly flat, place a few books on top and let it sit.  

2.Using a sharp angle - peel the backing paper away from the "transfer-paper" (that is holding the vinyl image). Go slowly to make sure that all elements of the decal stay stuck to the transfer paper, and not the backing. Again this is specially important if there are tiny parts or letters. If part of the decal comes up, carefully lay the backing paper back down and squeegee firmly again.

3. Mist the decal and transfer paper (sticky side) and the trailer surface with water.

“Backing Side of Paper” refers to the white release paper attached to the back of the decal.

“Transfer Paper" refers to the adhesive backed translucent paper on top of the decals front.

4. Place the transfer paper holding the decal onto the trailer surface as desired. You can slide it around a little. Be careful of small lines and details. If your decal has a straight outside edge, it helps to run a strip of masking tape on the trailer that you can use to align the decal.

****When centering, NEVER MEASURE using THE TRANSFER PAPER! Always measure from the actual decal image, which you can see through the transfer paper.

5.Once aligned. Starting from the image-center and moving outward, squeegee out all the water and air bubbles. A credit card will, work for this. Go slowly! Be careful the decal does not move. Start with light pressure, and slowly build with each pass over the graphic. Make sure all the edges are burnished well.

Let the image stay on the surface with the transfer paper on for as long as it takes to dry, generally 24 hours. Direct sunlight on hot, dry days will speed this up. On cold, humid and rainy days can take up to a day or two or even longer to fully adhere. Rule of thumb, if you are not sure whether or not it’s dry, and you did a really nice job putting it on, then don’t be in a rush taking of the transfer paper (and risk messing it all up)... Be patient!

6. Once fully dry, begin peeling the transfer paper off using a sharp angle against itself. This helps to keep your vinyl decal from pulling off the surface if it’s not fully adhered in all places. If the vinyl is not sticking, it’s not dry yet, or the surface was not clean. If the image comes off the surface (still sticking to the application paper), simply lay back down, taking care not to create any air bubbles, and squeegee as before, and give it more time to dry and fully adhere.